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3D Liquid Floors

Custom 3D Liquid Floors based on European technology – New in New York!

   Based on new evolving European technology, 3D Liquid Floors are a new type of flooring in home Floors1décor. It is a durable, enduring, and quality addition to any interior.

Floors2   For all those looking to make their home or office attractive and comfortable, 3D Liquid Floors is the anwser. From entering your bathroom to find yourself in a pond surronded by decorative fish, lounging in the living room to a floor of roses and other flowers, to waking up in your bedroom in the middle of warm sandy beach. The design possibilites are endless with the end product being unique to you.

   3D Liquid Floors can be installed virtually anywhere and are ideal for any room be it an office, bathroom, bedroom, living room, and or kitchen to basements, balconies, and patios. This versatility comes from the polymer material used in making these floors. The advantages of this material include but are not limited to:

  •  resistance to mechanical stress
  •  toughness and durability
  •  long service life
  •  resistance to moisture and chemicals
  •  ecologically safe and sanitary
  •  easy maintenance (comparable to caring for parquet floors)
  •  smooth transparent gloss finish

Floors3   The installation of 3D Liquid Floors is a difficult task and could take a moderate amount of time. It also depends on the condition of the previous floors, material that these floors will be going upon, and the level. The installation of these floors is a multi-step procedure that involves:




  •  creation of a leveled subfloor
  •  preparation of subfloor for priming
  •  priming of subfloor to accept vinyl
  •  application of custom-designed vinyl to primed subfloor
  •  pouring and application of a polymer topcoat to the vinyl
  •  removal of any impurities that could have landed on the material while it is in liquid form and the removal of any bubbles that could have formed in pouring process
  •  curing of the polymer material
  •  lastly, the application of a protective coat.

Floors4 Floors5 Floors6

   We only work with high quality materials and source our polymer material domestically. Due to the high cost and quantity of the material needed, and difficulty and expertise required to install such floors, the cost of such service can be considered expensive but no more than if you were to get designers tiles installed. Believe us when we say that it is worth the price!











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